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Why i lost my interest in photography?


Back in college days, i used to capture each and every single moment of my life. Back those days you don’t have a DSLR like today, a mobile camera with 3MP use to be enough to capture the good shots and if you have 10MP Sony/Canon/Nikon digital camera it was nothing like it. I still remember the first year of my college, when i covered all the events and celebrity night of our Tech Fest, Colosseum. I was an ok photographer. Also with simple digital cameras you don’t have to worry about the technical specification while capturing a picture. It’s like you like something, set the right angle and press the shoot button. As I reached final year, everything starts fading out. Back in those days i wanted to own a DSLR myself in future but now i don’t have any desire for it. In this blog I am writing out some of my thoughts why this would have happened.

1) Back in college there was a need for someone who captures moments in our group and I served the purpose. After college, the journey to mountains/biking started with seniors and batchmates. Now in our group we have a pro, Araib Sir who is into professional photography. So we need not worry about the photographs, which as expected came out of the world in each and every trip we undertake. I started to enjoy the trips instead of thinking about photography.

2) It made me thinking, when you are involved in photography of certain moments of your life, you are part of it but you are actually busy capturing it in best possible way. The fun, the adrenaline rush is more in being a part of the moment in comparison to capturing it. So, while capturing you kind of miss something. Obviously i figured it out that i dont want to miss this experience.

3) DSLR has become a mainstream and a sheep thing. The first thing every engineer in India after getting into a job is buy a DSLR, create a facebook page by the name of this XYZ’s photography, put a watermark in each of their photographs and show off. Obviously some of them might be passionately interested in photography but i bet most of them are just showoff. Also with high end DSLR cameras it is not a big challenge to become a good photographer even if you are doing is just for the sake of fun. I had followed the somewhat sheep behavior in the past due to my ignorance, getting into engineering is one example of it. Now being exposed to more things, i do not want to repeat the same attitude again. I don’t want to practice a thing which is not original to me.

4) After travelling to beautiful, heavenly places in India, I have realized one thing. The feeling you get through your experiences cannot be replicated by a photograph. A photograph seen first time will only trigger your imagination about that place while a photograph to a known place will trigger your experiences and feelings to that place and moment. So it is experience which matters, photograph is just like a sidekick. Take an example, when i will see a pic of Bhutan, the things which will come to my mind will be of the experiences which happened with me during our biking/trekking trip to Bhutan with dheets, while the same pic for Danish Sir will create a feeling of anger (LOL due to his bad experience in trip) and he will not even see the beauty in the picture

I think these points quite justify my loss of interest in photography. Still i need a good point and shoot camera for my adventures, you never know when you encounter something so beautiful/dangerous you want to share it with others once you are back to facebook world.


  1. Ravi - August 17, 2013 12:08 pm

    Great Kuts 🙂

  2. pathik - July 6, 2015 7:39 am

    nice 1 pic bro…..

  3. Vel Murugan S - July 14, 2015 8:56 am

    Good one.
    ” i dont want to miss this experience”
    Very good lines.


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