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Phonegap – Filling the gap between web and mobile development

For those who doesn’t know how HTML5 is changing the web. Here is a platform “Phonegap” based on HTML5 for building cross platform mobile apps using your existing knowledge of web technologies, that means using only HTML, CSS and javascript you can build a app much faster for any platform be it iphone/ipad, android, blackberry, windows phone 7. It has an awesome api which supports all smart phone features like geolocation, accelerometer, notification, storage.

The most awesome thing is that it is free and opensource. So, how to get started on phonegap. It has a very good basic starting guide and good documentation available on its site.

So, start developing your apps and be a part of this awesome community.

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  1. Shashank Khati - November 8, 2011 7:11 pm

    nice introduction on PhoneGap.Indeed It is an efficient HTML5 rendering engine to native apps. And great thing is that it can also be used with other powerful mobile frameworks like Jquery Mobile and Sencha touch to provide a awesum user experience just like native apps.

    Looking forward for more in this segment.


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