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Missing the mountains

Since past two months, i have not been to a long trek. It feels like it has been now a part of me, to atleast go to mountains once a month. So, to cover up all this, i have been watching a lot of mountaineering movies and started reading the novel “The road to a Mountain in Tibet”. Last month when i couldn’t handle this feeling, i went on a solo trek to Sinhagad Fort just 31km from my place in PUNE. It is a 3km trek to the fort. My friends ask me why do you go to mountains and climb up unnecessarily. I will say it is a feeling that cannot be explained, you have to feel it on your own. It brings peace to your heart and gives you time to think who you are, what are you doing, what do you want from your life. For me climbing and travelling in mountains is like a meditation. After returning back to normal life i feel more focused, calm and can concentrate on anything easily.

Recently, I have been planning a 4 day hike from Bhimashankar to Dhakoba top. With Adil sir on-board, i think its time to cover it during the holi holidays because the more late we do, the more irritating and difficult it will become due to the increasing temperature in Maharashtra. Shown below is a map by Chakram Hikers, they traverse this route in the past opposite of what i intend to take.Trek route map

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