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College Days, Pantnagar

Advent, Use and Abuse of Web in dark alleys of Pantnagar

This was a old post written by Arib Sir for my blog. Those were the good old golden days of college. I thought this excellent piece of writing need to be indexed by google and should exist in cloud, so i am posting it here again. If you like this, you can follow his blog and make sure you gift him a two men tent before following.

I never thought I would live to see this day but it has come rather too soon. Our only romance with web was afforded by self-set, excruciatingly slow and infinitely troublesome Reliance dial up shared amongst 8 seemingly most enthusiastic users. Waiting for a humble Google page to load, we would dream of broadband connection for every room. A thought so far fetched that thoughts of Mahtam providing the most hygienic food, Professors being liberal and Kisan Mela being replaced by Auto expo seemed way too realistic in comparison.

Although it may seem like an eternity , but its been only 2 years since we left the place. And I am told by various juniors that they now have blazing fast internet right at their desktops. I am yet to see it to believe it because after all it’s Pantnagar and there is a prevalent tendency of blowing news out of proportions. The reported 400 kbps may only be 40 or even 4 kbps , numerous GBs of @#$% downloaded may only be few minutes of FLV vids. But there certainly is some element of truth in the news which is evident by deluge of FB updates and tweets regarding most trivial of matters.

It has brought about a paradigm shift laterally it appears. In good ol’ days (not long ago) the LAN used to be the sole battleground and the only stage. An act was ridiculed, or a gaming achievement was applauded by sharing text or screenshots by the name of Must see or Dekhi bhaiyo . But it has gone to a new level with advent of web. The world is stage now and inevitably there are new celebrities. One particular person that deserves special mention here is certain Mr. Gitanshu Amola whose obligatory “ haha” “LOL” or “ faadu “ after every FB update has become the most visible entity on web.

Most drastic change was revealed by Mr Kutaula (the author of this blog). Once ignorant ( I remember a professor trying to power on a system using button on Optical drive) , professors have learnt to tame the unlimited power of web and unleash it on hapless netizens. Case in point is our own innocent Mr Kutaula caught red handed partying in Noida with seniors while he was short on attendance by quite a margin. While uploading party pics, little did poor fellow know that he was being watched in his own familiar territory? Certain Mr XX of CS department caught glaringly blatant FB updates and pit it against Kutaula’s then defenseless alibi. Now who is to blame is subject to perception, it can be either Kutaula , Prof, general tendency to believe that Profs are ignorant, or FB’s much maligned privacy settings. Whatever it is one thing is sure, Pantnagar has finally arrived on Web. The very distinct border between realms of Professors and students have somehow been erased and have provided us with a common place. And the best part is we too are part of it, watching merrily from a safe distance the fortunes and misfortunes of either party.


  1. shivansh - December 8, 2011 11:08 am

    i was one of the 8 “enthusiastic” user

  2. Ankit kohli - December 8, 2011 3:18 pm

    Fuckin nostalgia

  3. Adil Zaid - December 8, 2011 6:35 pm

    i downloaded my cradle of filth discography’s missing pieces using that shit-ass phone connection. and i listened to it.
    now i download movies and concerts and dont even watch them.
    A hostel-wide LAN, or maybe a university lan would be so much better it seems than a world wide web. when that 20GB or whatever size it was collection is on only for a few hours a day, it is looked forward to. even after you know all the actors by face (lets say face here), including the male ones….


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