Techno-bits and some graphical adventures of my life

Color is like a beatbox. It is an ever changing target which needs to be chalked out every now and then. In reference to my market study, the first thing to note was that the consumer sensibilities around color have hoisted to an all time high, reason being malls, multi-brand[…]

Problem: How to delete all tables in a mysql database. Solution: One solution can be, you can drop the whole database or run the query written below do avoid deleting the database. SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS = 0; SET GROUP_CONCAT_MAX_LEN=32768; SET @tables = NULL; SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(table_name) INTO @tables FROM information_schema.tables WHERE table_schema[…]

Back in college days, i used to capture each and every single moment of my life. Back those days you don’t have a DSLR like today, a mobile camera with 3MP use to be enough to capture the good shots and if you have 10MP Sony/Canon/Nikon digital camera it was[…]

Its 3:20 a.m. in the morning and I have flight to catch at 6:15 in the morning. I have called my cab at 4:15 a.m., old trusted Meru Cabs. I have been using Meru Cabs for all my travel/airport pickup and drop needs since i came to Delhi. They are[…]

This is a extraordinary story of a school dropout boy from a village in Africa. Respect Bro, you are no less than Steve Jobs. A true DIY’er. And here his TED talk

  Note: Original credits of this post to some guy of the same brotherhood. Taken from here The pleasure is when you finish your day ride, and reach in one piece. You are the smallest vehicle on the road, and you survived. The pleasure is when you take off[…]

It is not enough for code to work. Code that works is often badly broken. Programmers who satisfy themselves with merely working code are behaving unprofessionally. They may fear that they don’t have time to improve the structure and design of their code, but I disagree. Nothing has a more[…]


Type Hinting in PHP

Since PHP 5 , php has started supporting type hinting like other OOP languages. Hence, you can enforce your functions to get an argument of particular object type. PHP will check if the particular argument is of that type, if not will raise an error. However it still doesn’t support[…]

This is a no bullshit post. Just straight words and a special thanks to Anil Sir. I bought Royal Enfield Classic 350 (maroon) in August 2012 which has completed 7500km till now which includes two trips to Gharwal, Uttarakhand and one Jaipur Ride besides Delhi-Noida-Gurgaon weekend trips.┬áHere are the pics[…]

So, you installed Ubuntu 12.04 with high hopes and found that wireless is not working with message “firmware is missing”. You can google about it which will give shit load of links with all the unix commands and info. The basics is that this problem is with Broadcom wireless network[…]