Techno-bits and some graphical adventures of my life

I have the perfect answer to this weird question. What was the best moment in your life which was done by none. It took me back to my life when i was just started. The life looked so colorful, gloomy and fancy in my own words. But the question doesn’t[…]

Back in college days, i used to capture each and every single moment of my life. Back those days you don’t have a DSLR like today, a mobile camera with 3MP use to be enough to capture the good shots and if you have 10MP Sony/Canon/Nikon digital camera it was[…]


Missing the mountains

Since past two months, i have not been to a long trek. It feels like it has been now a part of me, to atleast go to mountains once a month. So, to cover up all this, i have been watching a lot of mountaineering movies and started reading the[…]


a thank you post

So here i am back again with one more attempt to blogging. ┬áMy last college time blog was lost with the deactivation of my webfaction account. Going straight this is a thank you post to Mr. Shivansh Pandey for free server space (here free refers free as in free speech,[…]