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A moment in life which was completely Done By None

I have the perfect answer to this weird question. What was the best moment in your life which was done by none.
It took me back to my life when i was just started. The life looked so colorful, gloomy and fancy in my own words. But the question doesn’t revolve around my life. The answer revolves around the belief, the faith which people holds in themselves. The faith which can be so destructive which leaves you with so much impact that your whole life will revolve around it. No less than a Hollywood movie it is like a mysterious ending which everyone defines on his own

Let us get back to the answer.I was so close to being a perfectionist. It was like a dream. A dream with no meaning as usual. Before i could understand the meaning of perfection i realize that our leaders were misguided, misguided by the belief and the faith and delusion of reality and practical world. But the picture which i saw was far greater than that. I saw the limits of emotional intelligence, the limits which you cant define in words as i was wondering whether i should feel proud or act practical. I tried to control it my own limits. Every time i was good, thing weren’t in my control as they were disillusioned by the facts of practicality. 30 people living in their own world couldn’t understand each other, that could be the nightmare of human kind. We have our own share of good times. Times like Diwali and Holi in our childhood days, the days of excitement and cheerfulness.

Now the question remains what make the moment so Done By None.
The answer lies in the word itself. It was an act of universe, you see physics again!!! that is what makes this world. It was an act of universe which brings ordinary people around in such a special way. People with so many different views and opinions and so lovely this practicality of life which binds us together, and the moment so lovely which will remain with you for lifetime with bad things, good things and mysterious things which you never imagined would have happened.

This is life and the moment was completely DONE BY NONE.

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